Tax season is right around the corner! Although you are given an extended amount of time to
file your taxes don ́t wait until last minute. It ́s not recommended since it is a complex issue
there can be setbacks such as a system failure or missing information.

gestoria declaracion de la renta  renta

For 2023 there has been some changes made for tax filling involving with distributors from the
following communities Madrid, Galicia, Valencia, Andalucía y the region of Murcia.

Changes can be seen with IRPF the minimum taxation has been modified to from 14.000€ to 15.000€
for civilians that have no children and are single, modification from 18.000€ to 19.000€ for
civilians that have two children; civilians with plans of private pension will see a reduction from
2.000€ to 1.500€.

Important dates revolving taxes 2023:

- 11 th of April : You will have access to file your taxes online, with ability to access the website of
Agencia Tributaria or through the app. No prior appointment is needed but you will need to
have digital DNI, digital certificate, a reference number or Cl@ve PIN. That same day any user will be have access to preview their statement, where they ́ll be able to state their IRPF with
no need of identification through the Renta Web de la Agencia Tributaria but also check what
documents are needed to present your taxes.

- 3 rd of May : Ability to setup an appointment for your taxes though the phone.

- 5 th of May : Portal opens to start your taxes through the phone.

- 25 th of May : Ability to setup an appointment to come in-person for your tax filing.

- 1 st of June : Portal opens for tax filing in-person.

- 29 th of June : Last day to setup an appointment that being through the phone or in-person for
tax filing.

- 30 th of June : Last day to file your taxes that being though the phone, online or in-person.